My name is Leenaa Peerbux and I am excited to do my internship at Daniel & Partners LLP. I am currently in my final year at Brock University, studying Political Science. I am also completing a minor in Philosophy. After graduation, I intend to pursue a Master of Arts within Brock’s Political Science Department. Subsequent to a master’s degree, I will be seeking acceptance to law school and pursuing a career in law.

I chose to do my internship at Daniel & Partners LLP because it is great opportunity for me to gain experience for my future career in law. Although I am not sure what type of law I would like to practice, having the opportunity to work under various lawyers will assist me in narrowing my interests.

My hometown is Mississauga, Ontario. I attended Sainte-Famille Secondary school (a French Catholic high school). I am fluent in both English and French.

My hobbies include reading (mostly science-fiction), watching soccer games and drawing.

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