This morning members of the joint Niagara Regional Police (NRP) and Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) task force arrived at our offices at 39 Queen Street to arrest our articling student Nick Baxter and NCA candidate Karen Shedden.

Their investigations showed that Nick had committed the offence of having a loud laugh in the office, while Karen was taken in for missing work to revise for exams.
Bail was set at $500 each in donations to BBBS. As of 11:15am, thanks to the support of family and friends, both Karen and Nick were released having paid their debt to society.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help Nick and Karen make their bail.
The Jail & Bail fundraising campaign continues until October 6, 2017. If you’d like to donate to support the great work that BBBS does, follow this link.

Here’s a look back at the Jail & Bail campaign of 2016

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