Daniel & Partners LLP has been providing legal counsel to individuals and companies in the Niagara Region since 1922.

During our 93 year history, the firm has been known by the following names:

  • Trapnell, Fleming, Harris
  • Trapnell, Fleming, Harris & Kerwin
  • Fleming, Harris
  • Fleming, Harris, Kerwin & Barr
  • Fleming, Harris, Kerwin, Barr & Hildebrand
  • Fleming, Harris, Barr, Hildebrand, Geiger & Daniel
  • Harris, Barr
  • Daniel, Wilson
  • Daniel, Black, Hill, Tiidus, DeLorenzo, Shedden, Donohue & Sheppard LLP
  • Daniel & Partners LLP

Our offices are located on the 3rd Floor of the Dominion Building at 39 Queen Street, at the Corner of King Street and Queen Street in St. Catharines.  The Dominion Building is named for the Dominion Bank which occupied the building many years ago.  Below is a photograph of the Dominion Building taken in 1940.

Dominion Building St Catharines 1940The two buildings have since been combined, and a fourth floor was added.  The current Google® Streetview image is below:

Dominion Building St Catharines

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  1. Martin Howley

    Do you have a brief history of the Dominion building that you would be willing to pass on to me? I am interesed to know when, by whom and by whom it was built; and who the architect was.

  2. James Pugsley

    I was very fortunate to have articled with the firm in 1976. I cannot imagine a better articles experience. Many other young lawyers were also fortunate to begin their careers with this firm.

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