Arctic sovereignty is a hot button issue in politics and international relations. The question of which country can lay claim to the far north carries with it wide reaching implications.  Including the citizenship of one Kris Kringle.
Several years ago, then-Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney released this statement:
“The Government of Canada wishes Santa the very best in his Christmas Eve duties and wants to let him know that, as a Canadian citizen, he has the automatic right to re-enter Canada once his trip around the world is complete.”
While some legal aspects of Santa’s operation remain murky (elf employment law is a growing area of concern), it is a relief to know that as a Canadian, Santa Claus is afforded all the rights and privileges that enable him to bring joy to people worldwide.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Daniel & Partners LLP.

Blog post written by Karen Shedden, NCA Candidate.

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