It has recently come to our attention that Daniel & Partners has been the focus of a website and fax spoofing scam.

Parties unknown are using our website design and the photos of our lawyers and pretending to be another firm in the Niagara Region.  Thus far, we are aware that they have targeted individuals in Germany and are claiming that they are taking action in relation to an estates matter.  This is untrue.

We have alerted the authorities and are working to get the website taken down by the host.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that these communications do not originate from Daniel & Partners LLP.  They are not legitimate and do not relate to any work we do.

Be cautious and take care when reviewing any communications you receive regarding legal matters.  Do not respond or provide any sensitive information without confirming the authenticity of the material.

We regret the inconvenience that this has caused, and we hope that you remain safe.

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