My name is Maria and I am so fortunate to do my co-op as a Law Clerk with Daniel & Partners LLP.  

I am a former lawyer from Mexico and I recently immigrated to Canada.  I am very passionate about justice and I love helping others.  In pursuit of continuing to dedicate my career to the legal field and get familiar with Canadian laws, I decided to take the Law Clerk program at Niagara College.  COVID-19 has been very challenging to us all, and as a newcomer in these uncertain times, it has been hard to get involved in the local community, therefore I am deeply thankful I have been given the opportunity to gain my professional experience and to connect with the community through Daniel & Partners LLP.

I am a nature lover and in my spare time I enjoy going for hikes, and when possible going camping in the amazing landscapes that Canada has to offer, and of course, I love gardening. During these times, when there is not much we can do and nowhere to go, my family and I have become gamers and we enjoy spending time playing video games (Minecraft) with our little one.  

I can only say that I am very happy to have joined a team of highly experienced and outstanding professionals at Daniel & Partners LLP and I am ready and eager to learn from the best.

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